Seeing for Life©
by Robert M. Kershner, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.S.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1.  There’s More to Vision than Meets the Eye
Chapter 2.  Better, Blurred, or About the Same-Keeping the Eyes in Focus
Chapter 3.  Help! My Arms Are Too Short
Chapter 4.  Computers and Eyestrain-Do Your Eyes Shut Down Before You Do?
Chapter 5. Stop Rubbing Your Eyes or You Will Be Seeing Spots!
Chapter 6. Why Fish Don’t Blink-Wetting Dry Eyes
Chapter 7. If Your Eyes are Pink You’re in Trouble
Chapter 8. Vision and Driving-It’s Not What it’s Cracked Up To Be!
Chapter 9. Vision and Sex -Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
Chapter 10. Is a 100-Watt Bulb Enough? Light and Sight
Chapter 11. Not Keeping Your Eye on the Ball-Avoiding the Shiner 
Chapter 12. Nutrition and Your Eyes-What You Eat Can Affect Your Sight
Chapter 13. Sagging Eyelids-Botox® to Blepharoplasty 
Chapter 14. A Cataract is Not on the Outside
Chapter 15. Glaucoma May Be Quietly Blinding You
Chapter 16. Macular Degeneration-There’s New Hope
Chapter 17. Diabetes and Chronic Disease Gets Your Eyes Every Time
Chapter 18. Common Eye Myths-Why Milk and Lime Juice Belong in Your Refrigerator Not in Your Eyes
Chapter 19. The Last Word-Bionic Eyes to Implantable Lenses, the Future for Clear Vision is Bright